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Government Security Systems

Centric Security & Automation, Inc

Government Security Systems

At Centric Security and Automation, we understand the importance of security in government buildings. That’s why our comprehensive government security systems protect all aspects of your business, by using the latest technology like electrostatic, fiber optic, and microwave sensors. We also utilize hosted access control and cloud access control so that you can leverage the power of online management to remotely control access multiple facilities immediately. 

When HSPD 12 was signed into action, it marked a new era for government security and reliable identification. We have since taken steps to fully understand and accommodate these new systems including PIV, FIPS, FIPS 201, ICAM, FICAM, and PACS.

Centric exceeds the standard

  • FICAM- The Federal implementation of Identity, Credential, and Access Management
  • HSPD 12- The Homeland Security Presidential Directive 
  • PIV- Personal Identity Verification
  • FIPS 201- Federal Information Processing Standard
  • PACS- Physical Access Control Systems

Browse our government security system options:

CCTV Security St Louis

Video Surveillance

Video management and video surveillance systems have proven to greatly improve security and significantly minimize risk in a variety of business sectors.

Access Control

Access Control

Access control limits who can enter certain areas and provides a record of which areas are accessed and when.

Bank Security Systems St Louis

Alarm Systems

Our alarm system solutions range anywhere from window and door contacts to fence detectors and panic buttons.

Perimeter Intrusion Detection System Installation

Perimeter Intrusion Detection System

Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems (PIDS) detect break ins along the perimeter of your building’s property.

Alarm Monitoring Installation

Alarm Monitoring

We offer around the clock monitoring of your alarm systems, Our operators who answer calls undergo extensive training and handle each call with the utmost care and attention.

Business IT Services Design

Business IT Support

Centric provides IT Support Services, Business Services, Cloud Computing Solutions, and Data Backup to government buildings in the greater St. Louis & metro areas.

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