Alarm Monitoring

Centric provides around-the-clock alarm monitoring to residential and commercial properties including healthcare locations, industrial facilities, schools, retail stores, banks and other commercial facilities.

The operators answer calls undergo extensive training and handle each call with the utmost care and attention. Most basic alarm systems provide protection through digital dialer-enabled panels. Our receivers are compatible with all major transmission formats for burglar, medical and fire panels.

Video Services

Our video monitoring services enable you to provide clients with visual verification of events that trigger alarms. In addition to the standard digital signal, our central station can receive or view video showing the event which activated the alarm.

Details of what caused an alarm to trip are used by special services operators to dispatch the appropriate authorities and provide additional information if needed. In addition, your clients can set specific criteria to modify dispatches based on what events are viewed.

Mobile Access

Mobile apps, and access for any device. Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop, e-reader and more.

Our mobile access solutions provide advanced features for technicians, and end users to connect to their monitoring accounts, view information, and change data. Using desktop, laptop, and mobile devices including smartphones, tablets and e-readers, users can interact with the monitoring service using a device that meets their needs, whether that be enhanced functionality, or cost effective mobility.

Our app provides installers with the ability to enter submit new accounts, update existing accounts, and place accounts on and off test. Technicians can use their mobile device to place an account on test, and view results all in the palm of their hand.

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