Maintenance Services

You’ve made a substantial investment securing your facility. The only way to ensure it remains in working order is to provide regularly scheduled maintenance.

Centric's proactive approach to the maintenance of these systems ensure a properly working system, accurate reporting, reduce downtime and increase the predictability of failures.

The single highest return on your maintenance dollar is attained through sequence of operations adjustments to your system.

Outlined below is the overall summary of services that will be provided to maintain your system and protect your hardware and software investment.

  • Standard service hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00AM to 5:00PM (excluding holidays).
  • Pre-planned Preventative Maintenance visits;
    • Check history of system since last maintenance visit.
    • Visually inspect all major components (include cabling and connections where accessible) for signs of deterioration or damage and rectify as necessary.
    • Check all control equipment for correct operational and programming.
    • Clean devices & housings as necessary.
    • Inspect brackets, housings & associated fittings for corrosion or damage.
    • Repair any minor faults.
  • Telephone Support
  • Remote Desktop Support
  • Loaner equipment shall be provided while equipment repairs are being performed.
  • 24 hour / 365 day emergency response available.
  • Replacement unit if problem not repairable.

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