Building Automation

Today’s buildings demand more from building automation and security systems. Buildings must adapt to many rapid changes, and be smarter, more comfortable, more efficient and safer than facilities designed just a few years ago. The controls system is the critical component in meeting these new demands, while helping prepare for the future.

Designed for change

Centric will is your system for change. We place an emphasis on scalability, flexibility, versatility and programmability throughout the entire system. We are constantly asking our engineers to solve the "what if the customer wants to…" problems, so our products have the widest range of practical uses, from HVAC control to basic monitoring.

The integrated approach

Our systems are built from the ground up with integration in mind. This unique approach reduces the overall system cost, while providing a solution for the growing requirement for tight integration using coordinated control strategies. It is further complemented by our commitment to open standards, allowing the system to interoperate with third party systems for total building and system integration.

Scalable and Expandable

From a single site to global enterprise, a Centric system installed today provides as solid a foundation as the building it serves. Along with the scalability and expandability of the system, we provide a seamless path for integrating past, present, and future facility management needs.

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