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Access Control System

One of the first steps in providing effective security is access control. Access control limits who can enter certain areas and provides a record of which areas are accessed and when. This helps protect your building, your assets, your information, and your people.





ACCESS CONTROL in St. Louis and Illinois

Industry-leading Access Control Systems For Large and Mid-Sized Companies

Managing access to facilities and buildings of any size or scope is a crucial element in mitigating risk in today’s environment. Security access control technology is evolving rapidly to keep pace with escalating demand. Whether the system is stand-alone or integrated with video, intercom, and perimeter protection — we are a leading metro St. Louis and Illinois access control and security systems integrator with the most sophisticated and innovative security solutions that provide greater peace of mind in protecting property, assets, and people.

Our access control systems software is user friendly and can be combined with other security features, like surveillance cameras and intrusion detection devices, to provide a more complete system. Access control provides a cost-effective alternative to keys, which can easily be copied or lost, thus compromising your security. Alternatively, biometrics, cards, and other credentials can easily be canceled, added, or modified with the click of a button. You can manage your access control yourself, either on-site or remotely, or have our company host and/or monitor it for you.

Our team is pleased to offer selected access control software hosting to our clients, which allows clients ease of movement with over 99.9% uptime connectivity to all sites. By having our company host your access control system, you can secure your facility without additional hardware, software, or training costs.

We also offer our clients a secure FTP storage space for use for security systems backup file storage. We have partnered with some of the most well-known access control providers in the business to ensure you get the right solution, no matter what your situation.

Benefits for Your Business

Commercial Security and Audio Visual

Reduced internal IT functions and costs compared to traditional electronic access control – no servers, software, upgrades, licenses or staffing resources.

Commercial Security and Audio Visual

Improved total cost of ownership with a Web-based architecture reduced IT costs (hardware, licensing fees and maintenance).

Commercial Security and Audio Visual

Reduced environmental impact via application and database processing at our efficient data center.

Commercial Security and Audio Visual

Unmatched scalability and versatility that grows as your business grows.

Commercial Security and Audio Visual

Our trained and courteous staff is a phone call away!

Commercial Security and Audio Visual

Customized reports illustrating employee access and events can be emailed to you on a scheduled basis.

Seamless Access Control Systems

Our company delivers customized access control solutions to ensure security without hindering facility operations. Our access control options are rooted in state-of-the-art security hardware and software and offer maximum protection, scalability, ease of operation and long-term cost-efficiencies. We lead the industry in our ability to supply an end-to-end security systems solution that will not disrupt business and carries a greater return on investment.

Innovative Access Control Technology

Electronic access control software and panels, biometric and wireless card readers, door locking devices, anti-tailgate devices, intrusion alarm detection, perimeter protection, and visitor management are just a few of the many integrated solutions that provide enhanced access control to our clients. Designing, planning, and installing the right combination of this sophisticated technology is driven by the specific and unique needs of each client. The ability to provide truly functional integration of physical security devices along with state-of-the-art software and real-time notification and monitoring is a hallmark of our team of access control experts.

Hosted Access Control

Whether you need a single card access reader for a storage room or hundreds of card access readers for a campus environment, We have partnered with industry leaders to provide the right card access solution for you.

Hosted Access Control Systems help businesses meet their goals by providing hassle-free, economical access control, and video choices—without sacrificing quality and expandability. Robust administrative features are available through an easy to use Web-based interface. We virtually eliminate IT costs and hassles.


St. Louis and Illinois

Access Control System Design

Our team of professionals is experienced in designing access control systems and operations centers. We frequently partner with A/E firms to provide consulting services for successful collaborative designs. Many clients also hire us to support larger security projects through detailed project management.

We provide construction support services that include a review of shop drawings, on-site quality assurance, commissioning and operator training review, comprehensive acceptance testing, and verification of as-built documentation. For many of our access control system designs, we will utilize commission or bid work. With our expertise in the security and access control building automation disciplines, our company supports the procurement process in these areas, ensuring that you receive competitive pricing for quality services and materials.

St. Louis and Illinois

Access Control Systems Installation

We are a complete low voltage contractor and systems integration company that provides 24/7 access control installation and service of each system we install. Our skilled access control technicians deliver top notch industry cabling solutions to maximize the results of your business services. We manage new cabling projects and complete upgrades of current cabling to install your access control systems. This includes expertise in low voltage cabling includes CCTV, Access Control, Voice & Data, fiber optics and more.

With the latest technology and products, our access control installation will serve to effectively distribute data signals and transmit faster.


St. Louis and ILLINOIS

Access Control Maintenance

You’ve made a substantial investment in securing your facility with our access control systems. The only way to ensure it remains in working order is to provide regularly scheduled maintenance. our proactive approach to access control maintenance ensure a properly working system, accurate reporting, reduce downtime, and increase the predictability of failures.

The single highest return on your maintenance dollar is attained through a sequence of operations adjustments to your access control system. Outlined below is the overall summary of services that will we provide to maintain your access control system and protect your hardware and software investment.

  •  Pre-planned preventative access control maintenance visits
  •  Checks of the access control system history 
  •  Visual inspections of all major components (including cabling and connections where accessible) for signs of deterioration or damage 
  •  Checks of all control equipment and programming
  •  Cleaning of access control devices & housings as necessary
  •  Inspection of brackets, housings & associated fittings for corrosion or damage
  •  Any necessary repairs

We also provide 24/7 phone support, remote desktop support, and emergency response 365 days a year. In addition to this, we always provide a replacement unit if yours needs extensive repair or will be down for a prolonged period of time.

High Quality Access Control Equipment

We have built relationships with the leading manufacturers and developers in the access control industry and continually work with them to advance the performance of our designs. Our factory-trained staff has invested the time to acquire the knowledge and skills they need to make informed decisions about installation options, connections, and troubleshooting.


We Create Custom Solutions For You

We are dedicated to providing our metro St. Louis and Illinois clients with exceptional experiences. As your partner in business, we are guided by our commitment to do what’s right for you. We are solution-oriented providing complete integrated security systems designed to exceed all of your needs. We are focused on our passion for and expertise in keeping people, property, and business operations safe, secure, and intelligent. We are constantly learning how to improve what we do, and we constantly bring our knowledge to the forefront, in the service of our clients. We make sure that our service is compatible with your culture inside and outside your organization. Our expertly crafted services are in line with the highest professional standards that are cost-effective.


We are proud to be recognized by so many outstanding businesses in the metro St. Louis area, as the commercial security company to do business with.