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School Security Systems

Whether you are in need of a school security systems installation, maintenance, or a complete campus safety design, we are here to walk you through the process all while saving you time and money.





School Security Systems in St. Louis and Illinois

Create an Atmosphere of Safety and Trust

When you’re setting up your school security systems, it’s easy to forget that a school is more than the buildings and its surroundings. A school is a community that includes the students, teachers, staff, parents, and more. You need a security network that takes all these groups into account.

At Centric Security and Automation, serving the metro St. Louis and Illinois areas, we understand the importance of security in schools and learning centers. That’s why our comprehensive school security systems protect all aspects of your business, by using the latest technology like electrostatic, fiber optic, and microwave sensors. We also utilize hosted access control and cloud access control so that you can leverage the power of online management to remotely control access to multiple facilities immediately. 

Our school security systems meet all regulations set by school building codes and ensure that your building is always in compliance. Whether you are in need of a security system installation, maintenance, or a complete design, we are here to walk you through the process all while saving you time and money.

Secure Your School

Commercial Security and Audio Visual

Secure school records and identities.

Commercial Security and Audio Visual

Ensure safety and security for students and staff.

Commercial Security and Audio Visual

Protect access to restricted building areas.

Commercial Security and Audio Visual

Monitor school and learning center standards.

Commercial Security and Audio Visual

Hosted and cloud access control from your device.

Commercial Security and Audio Visual

Deter vandalism and other crime.

School Security Systems Company in St. Louis & Illinois

Our Modern Integrated Approach Improves Their Safety

The experts in school security systems design, installation, and maintenance.

Commercial Office Security Systems

Video Surveillance Systems

Video management and video surveillance systems have proven to greatly improve security and significantly minimize risk in a variety of business sectors.

School Security Systems

Access Control Systems

Access control limits who can enter certain areas and provides a record of which areas are accessed and to give your and your employee's peace of mind.

School Security Systems

Alarm Systems

Let our security experts custom design the best alarm system for you. Our alarm system solutions range anywhere from window/door contacts to fence detectors and panic buttons.

School Security Systems

Perimeter Alarms

Protect wider areas of your business with less manpower. Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems (PIDS) detect break-ins along the perimeter of your building’s property.

School Security Systems

Alarm Monitoring

We offer around the clock monitoring of your alarm systems, Our operators who answer calls undergo extensive training and handle each call with the utmost care and attention.

School Security Systems

Business IT Support

We provide IT Support Services, Business Services, Cloud Computing Solutions, and Data Backup to commercial companies in the greater St. Louis & metro areas.

High Quality School Security Systems

We have built relationships with the leading manufacturers and developers in the commercial security industry and continually work with them to advance the performance of our designs. Our factory-trained staff has invested the time to acquire the knowledge and skills they need to make informed decisions about installation options, connections, and troubleshooting.


We Create Custom Solutions For You

We are dedicated to providing our metro St. Louis and Illinois clients with exceptional experiences. As your partner in business, we are guided by our commitment to do what’s right for you. We are solution-oriented providing complete integrated security systems designed to exceed all of your needs. We are focused on our passion for and expertise in keeping people, property, and business operations safe, secure, and intelligent. We are constantly learning how to improve what we do, and we constantly bring our knowledge to the forefront, in the service of our clients. We make sure that our service is compatible with your culture inside and outside your organization. Our expertly crafted services are in line with the highest professional standards that are cost-effective.


We are proud to be recognized by so many outstanding businesses in the metro St. Louis area, as the commercial security company to do business with.