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Protect yourself with our state of the art security systems.

Guarding the Gates

At Centric Security & Automation, we provide the latest technology on the market, whether it is a stand-alone door controller or an enterprise access control solution. We are versed in the design and deployment of IP door controllers, & conventional controller technology.

keeping an eye

Whether it is IP or analogue camera technology, Centric Security & Automation provides the most cost-effective CCTV solutions in the industry. We provide our customers with the right solution for their needs at a competitive price.

working the magic

At Centric Security & Automation we utilize over 40 years experience in the building automation industry to provide our customers with the most economical building automation solutions in the industry. 

peace of mind

Security is the foundation of our company and it shows. Centric Security & Automation takes exceptional pride in protecting your people, property, and assets. We are available 24/7 for any emergency or alarm that may arise. 

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we create custom solutions for you.

Centric is dedicated to providing our clients with exceptional experiences. As your partner in business we are guided by our commitment to do what’s right for you. We are solution-centric providing complete integrated systems designed to exceed all of your needs. We are focused on our passion for and expertise in keeping people, property and business operations safe, secure and intelligent. We are constantly learning how to improve what we do, and we constantly bring our knowledge to the forefront, in the service of our clients. We make sure that our service is compatible with your culture inside and outside your organization. Our expertly crafted services are in line with the highest professional standards that are cost-effective.

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Our Connections

Protect yourself with our state of the art security systems.

The system solutions we offer include a wide range of technologies from various manufacturers. We strive to work with manufacturers who value strong personal relationships and appreciate a dedicated work ethic. We are proud of the manufacturers we represent. We view ourselves as representatives to provide complete solutions for our customers. Prestige and respect are important to us and we continue to maintain our reputation through hard work and effective planning.

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