Wireless Presentation Systems

The way we use office space has changed forever. Now that you’ve moved to a hybrid work schedule, your meeting rooms and huddle spaces are more valuable than individual offices and cubicle farms. People are focusing their time in the office on collaborating with their colleagues, and making the most of in-person interactions.  How do you get the most out of those shared environments? Take a look at the screen hanging on every meeting room wall, and you’ll realize the potential for easy collaboration with colleagues in the office, and with those calling in from home.

When you’re running a hybrid meeting – with remote colleagues on a video conference, and others in the same room with you – that shared screen on the wall becomes the link between the team. So it’s vital that your room set-up is secure, stable, and as easy to use as your regular conferencing app.

Brainstorming with teammates in the room? A simple screen-sharing solution makes it easy to show your ideas on the main screen, or work together on a document or slide deck. And when the screen isn’t being used? Utilize it to share company information and announcements with anyone on the team.