AMX Audio Visual Systems

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Commercial Installation and Service

We design and install modern audio, video, and lighting systems in the midwest and Greater St. Louis areas. Our commercial AV solutions are designed to help you connect and collaborate using secure and efficient AV technology. 

AMX Audio Visual Systems

Recommended Industries

  • Commercial Office
  • Financial Institutions
  • Retail Stores
  • Restaurants
  • Bars and Nightclubs
  • Conference Rooms
  • Training Room
  • Conventions
  • Video Conferencing

Security Equipment Category

  • Audio Visual

About AMX Audio Visual Systems

Corporate enterprises leverage technology to enable employees to achieve their objectives productively and efficiently. HARMAN assists its clients in harnessing the power of various, disparate technologies by ensuring they work reliably and cohesively, while allowing users to focus on communication rather than the technology tool they are using. Common HARMAN applications in corporate spaces include: meeting room automation, space scheduling, distributed/networked AV, audio processing and distribution, loudspeakers and sound management, asset management, and architectural lighting.

Campus Wide AV Distribution – From the time employees hit the lobby, share content from boardroom to boardroom, or boardroom to lunchroom, or boardroom to all rooms. Anything is possible. Our signal distribution solutions are the most complete in the industry. We are the leader in Networked AV that allows content to be streamed over an existing network.

Networked AV – HARMAN networked AV solutions allow audio and video signals to be placed directly onto an existing network and streamed anywhere around the globe. Want to send the CEO’s town hall meeting to boardrooms in multiple cities? Not a problem. HARMAN has you covered.

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AMX Audio Visual Systems
Commercial Audio Visual Company serving greater St. Louis, Missouri and Illinois area.



We are proud to be recognized by so many outstanding businesses in the metro St. Louis area, as the commercial security company to do business with.