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DSX Access Control

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DSX access control offers simple scalability. Grow your system from one location and one PC to 32,000 locations and up to 999 PCs on a Wide Area Network. Intelligent Controllers and Integrated Locksets give DSX enormous flexibility and diversity. Take a look at the New DSX Software and features that is revitalizing Legacy systems and infusing them with new technology and wireless capabilities.

Facilities of all types need an Incident Response Plan that includes the activation, action, and notification of emergencies by locking down doors and altering access privileges all while notifying staff and authorities. Schools, Campuses, Hospitals, and Businesses of all types using DSX can quickly reconfigure the access control system’s operation and notify personnel of the emergency while initiating the appropriate action such as locking doors. First Responder Cards can be quickly altered to unlock every door although they don’t unlock any door unless an Emergency is declared while onsite cards are completely revoked. WinDSX is a highly Integral solution that can be connected to other systems for a layered and well-rounded approach.

You can trust DSX Access Control to protect your business.

DSX Access Control
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